What Makes the Relic Different?

What Makes the Relic Different?

Anatomy of a Better Oven

Great brick ovens do two things well: 1) they create an experience that brings people together, and 2) they are well insulated, so they reach and maintain the extreme temperatures needed to cook food faster.

To get to these temperatures, we knew that over the counter materials would not suffice. We knew we were going to have to dive into the world of high temperature refractory composites if we wanted to get the job done. The Relic is a different machine that is designed different than every other machine.

Problems with Traditional Ovens

Traditional brick ovens dating back thousands of years are still used in the best pizza restaurants today to reliably churn out quality food, but they’re unrealistic for the average person, who probably doesn’t have the space or money for that kind of commitment. They also can be fragile and parts can easily crack or break.

Problems with Ceramic Cookers

Ceramic Cookers are Fragile

Ceramics can withstand great amounts of heat, but are also quite fragile. Instead of having a multi-layered structure, ceramics usually have single layer of dense (yet brittle) material. Because of the nature of this material, the single dense pieces are extremely susceptible to shrinkage, and thermal cracking, leaving a fairly vulnerable piece of outdoor cooking equipment.

Ceramic Cookers are Not Designed for Cooking Pizza

Ceramic cookers, like the Big Green Egg, are great machines, but they aren’t really designed for making brick oven pizza. First, they have a hinged lid that requires opening each time to check on the pizza or get it into or out of the cooker. Second, the heat source for ceramic cookers is below the cooking surface. This is a problem, because brick ovens are all about cooking your pizza from ALL directions, particularly from above (which it does by reflecting radiant heat from the curved dome).

How the Relic Solves these Problems

The Relic is built to eradicate the obstacles that stand in the way of a perfect pizza, filling in the blanks left by other cooking systems and perfecting design to cook almost anything else as well. Strong materials that can withstand high temperatures and drops make the Relic completely unique – like nothing ever seen before in the outdoor cooking world.

Refractory Materials

The Relic is made from refractory – the same thing they use to make ladles to pour molten steel. . The Relic Oven is less brittle than traditional ceramics, and will bend and “give” before actually breaking, which contributes greatly to its strength. These materials are derived from scratch and have been tested to withstand extremely high stress from high temperatures.

Modular Design

The Relics interlocking construction allows for you to have a more portable, more modular brick oven, which is something that cannot be seen in other outdoor cooking products. These interlocking oven parts are durable and easily able to withstand transport from state-to-state, campground-to-campground, or sea to shining sea.

Built In Firebox

The Relic FireStone comes with an integrated firebox that sits about 1” lower than your actual cooking surface. The Firebox design is a simple convenience for you and your pizza. It allows you keep large chunks of charged ash out and away from your pizza. Most importantly, the Firestone provides a super smooth surface that is perfect for sliding pizzas in and out of your oven, as well as lending a helping hand in maintaining the ideal fire necessary to cook traditional Neapolitan Pies.

Lightweight Dome

Lightweight materials are much better insulators than large, heavy, dense materials. Our oven is designed with superior insulation technology that is LW and durable. When firing your Relic oven to 1100 degrees, you will notice that the outside surface of your oven will rarely get hotter than 250F-300F. This is a property of our oven that we pride ourselves on. The inside of your oven is capable of cooking 90 second pizzas , while the outside is just hot enough that it won’t burn your hand or skin too badly after briefly touching it.

Two Floor Options

A key to the Relic’s design is its two floor options. One option, the Relic FireStone, is designed to fit with the Relic oven on your favorite 22” Kettle Grills – including Weber silver and gold models. The second, the Relic Fireslate, is a unique design platform that allows you cook and operate with your oven on any flat surface.