The Anatomy of a Better Oven

Insulation There’s an old saying – you can never have too much insulation. It’s true for brick ovens too. Don’t be fooled by models that have a steel roof. It is literally a radiator releasing most of the heat from...
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Stellar Fall Pizza Recipe – Squash and Prosciutto

Blog Under Construction Selecting the ingredients Here, we were going for a fall pizza, so we were instantly thinking fall vegetables like squash and apples. Both of these offer plenty of sweetness, so from here we wanted something salty and...
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Tennessee Stone & Design Unveils Portable Brick Pizza Ovens!

Nashville Company Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Manufacture Line of Backyard Brick Ovens and Artisan Stone Grills Nashville, TN – With higher temperatures, faster cooking times, puffy savory crust, crispy toppings and smoky flavor, nothing tastes quite as delicious as pizza...
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Welcome to Materials Testing Demonstration

RELIC OVENS AVAILABLE STARTING AT $975.00 In order to engineer the Relic oven and family of products, we had to create new materials never before used in an outdoor cooking product. During the past two years of materials research and...
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Baseball Test- Composite Lightweight Stone

What do we do for fun here at TNSD? Break stuff. At least we try, because the better we’ve gotten at making our durable and lifeproof stone, the harder it is to break !
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What Makes the Relic Different?

Anatomy of a Better Oven Great brick ovens do two things well: 1) they create an experience that brings people together, and 2) they are well insulated, so they reach and maintain the extreme temperatures needed to cook food faster....
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